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The Glossary is part of the Information window, it includes descriptions for several terms in Kingsway:

Term Description Notes
Poisoned Take damage over time. Does not go away without an antidote. No stacking limit for poisoning effects.
Burned Take more damage from physical attacks. Goes away over time.
Starting Gift A Gift you can choose before starting your adventure.
Manor A location with a couple basic amenities.
Chilled Temporarily attack and move slower.
Defence A stat with determines physical damage resistance.
Scroll A consumable item which can be used at anytime to activate an associated skill. Using a scroll doesn't cost magic points.
Fort A location with many useful amenities.
Guild A place found in Forts, and sometimes in Villages and manors. This is where you can store items and complete quests.
Health Points Used to indicate the health of the player. The player will die if they have 0 Health Points.
Curses Lower a random stat point.
Event Something that happens when you arrive at a node on the World Navigator.
Crypt A dangerous underground labyrinth. Found in grassy areas and near the shore.
Stunned Temporarily unable to move or attack. Pauses turn, does not cancel it. Stunned enemies' windows freeze for the duration.
Cave A dangerous underground labyrinth. Found in forests and mountains.
Node A travelable area on the world navigator, such as an outpost, village, or fort.
Poison Resistance Slow the effect of poison.
Skill A special ability which can be learned with a Skill Point. You get one Skill Point every level.
Life Steal Damage converted to health. Does not work on Undead targets.
Passive A type of skill which is always active.
Consumable A type of item which can be used for an effect, such as a potion or a scroll.
Magic Power Determines the effectiveness/strength of some skills.
Gems A reward which is earned at the end of an adventure. Gems can be spent to unlock gifts and settings.
Village A location with several varied amenities.
Item An object which is kept in a bag. This includes weapons, armor, potions, and more.
Stat An attribute such as strength, intelligence, agility, vitality, defence, and damage.
Elite A difficult enemy. Indicated by a skull node in the World Navigator.
Magic Points Used to activate skills during battle. Regenerates while travelling.
Screen A part of the interface which can be moved, minimized, and/or closed.